I’m Steven Charles Quance, a jeweller in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. I’ve been a jeweller for over 35 years, and my journey began in a beautiful little jeweller’s called Annie’s. Since then, I’ve become a business owner and a renowned jeweller in the Jewellery Quarter, producing engagement rings, jewellery and watches for the rich and famous. But now I’m turning my attention to a new venture.

Gosh Rocks, an online eCommerce brand where you can purchase an affordable, bespoke, handcrafted engagement ring designed and crafted in England by the world’s most experienced jewellery craftsmen without having to spend a fortune. Because at Gosh Rocks, we believe that diamonds shouldn’t cost the Earth. That’s why we’re using lab grown diamonds in all of our engagement rings. When it comes to authenticity the only difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond is the price. Lab Grown Diamonds are ethical, as they are carefully grown in a specialist lab rather than mined from the ground. So if you’re looking for a beautiful, affordable and sustainable engagement ring, then the Gosh Rocks brand is for you.

About Gosh Rocks

We are an online jeweller, where you can purchase affordable, bespoke engagement rings designed and crafted in England

Diamonds shouldn’t cost the Earth

The quality of a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond is the same, the only difference? Price.

Gosh Rocks grown diamond and a natural diamond

Mined Diamonds are Problematic

Mined diamonds have a huge environmental and social impact. From habitat destruction, pollution and high water costs to their association with human rights abuse – blood diamonds, child labour and poor working conditions, just to name a few.

Why choose lab-grown diamonds?

• Ethical – Lab-grown diamonds are crafted in a controlled environment. There is no connection to blood diamonds, or the unethical practices of mined diamonds; so they don’t impact the health, safety and lives of communities.

• Sustainable – Lab-grown diamonds have a much lower carbon footprint, with a smaller energy consumption than their mined counterparts. They don’t impact the environment with habitat destruction, soil erosion or water pollution either.

• Affordable – a lab-grown diamond doesn’t have the associated costs of mining – giving you the same gemstone at a more reasonable price.