Diamond education

Your diamond reflects more than just light.

While the first known diamond engagement ring dates back to 1477, the idea that ‘diamonds are forever’ was cemented in an advertising slogan by De Beers in 1948. The hardest substance on earth, the ideal diamond is also, in our opinion, the most beautiful gemstone, with a sparkle, brilliance and fire that makes them the perfect symbol for everlasting love and commitment.

Today, diamonds are available in a bewildering variety of colours, shapes and sizes. At Gosh Rocks we know the design and cut you choose reflects the style and personality of you or your betrothed. So, we wanted to make it easier for you to have the perfect engagement ring, individually designed by you, using the very best lab-grown diamonds chosen by us.

Why lab-grown diamonds? It’s simple really. They are identical to mined diamonds in every way except for three. Lab-grown diamonds are ethical, sustainable and affordable.

As we always say – diamonds don’t have to cost the earth.

How are Lab Grown Diamonds made?

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Let’s take a look at the science of diamonds.

A diamond is essentially a crystal made of carbon. ‘Natural’ or ‘mined’ diamonds were formed by placing carbon-rich materials under extreme pressure and temperature over millions of years.

Lab-grown diamonds are formed by science and technology in a laboratory. The diamond is grown from a diamond seed using high-pressure high temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), replicating the natural process, but in the space of one to two weeks.

The end result from both methods is the same – a crystal with the same hardness and chemical composition. A lab-grown diamond is identical to a mined diamond – the same brilliance, weight and sparkle. The only way to tell them apart is by using specialist laboratory equipment.

What to consider when choosing your diamond?

You probably want some reassurance that your lab-grown diamond is ‘real’. Every diamond sold by Gosh Rocks is independently certified, for your added reassurance.

Being identical to a mined diamond means your gemstone has the same qualities. It’s just as hard and it can have the same inclusions and variations as any naturally formed diamond, which is, after all, what makes every stone unique.

Lab-grown diamonds are graded in the same way as mined stones. At Gosh Rocks, we only sell diamonds that have been graded in the top three colours and have a clarity rating of VS or above. By offering you the highest quality selection, you can be confident that the picture you see on the screen is accurate, not adjusted.

How are Lab Grown Diamonds made?

Ethical, sustainable and affordable

The process of mining for diamonds has a huge and often devastating impact environmentally, on local communities and in the pollution it causes.

In contrast, lab-grown diamonds are:

Ethical – No damage is caused to the environment, and there is no impact on the health, safety and lives of communities.

Sustainable – Growing a diamond does not use up the earth’s resources. In fact, by offering an alternative to mining, they are saving the environment

Affordable – The very act of mining for diamonds is a hugely expensive endeavour, adding overheads which are translated into the price. While it is a luxury item created using state-of-the-art technology, a lab-grown diamond doesn’t have the associated costs of mining – giving you the same gemstone at a more reasonable price.

Your future begins with lab-grown diamonds.

Why do we love lab-grown diamonds?

We’ve been working with gemstones for over 30 years. We know how very special your diamond engagement ring is as a vibrant, unique symbol of the start of your life together.

Now we can offer you a diamond ring that not only represents the brightness of your future together but looks after that future for you, your family and the earth as well.